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The Beginning of Barking Up The Right Tree

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The Centola Family

The Birth of Barking Up The Right Tree

Founder, Shannon Centola, worked as a sales rep in the wholesale and retail sectors for many years before starting Barking Up The Right Tree. During, this time Shannon often traveled for business which left her searching for a trustworthy person to care for her cats. The retail industry is in a constant state of flux and Shannon grew tired of moving for work as retailer consolidated and merged.

While walking around a golf course in Brookhaven, Georgia trying to decide her career direction, she came across a lost dog. She was able to reconnect the dog with its owners and seeing the sense of relief at being reunited with their pet, she was overwhelmed with a sense of happiness. It was here that Shannon decided to start her career in per sitting.

The Early Days of Pet Sitting

When Shannon started her company there were only a few other pet sitting services in Atlanta. She not only had to educate potential clients on the benefits of pet sitting, but she also had to assure her family and friends that this was a good business idea.

Today Shannon owns multiple agencies and helped create the world’s leading pet sitting software – Power Pet Sitter. From cat lovers to Georgia State track runners, she’s able to match the best pet sitter for your pet. For example, cat lovers focus on cats. This way, everyone’s strengths are used to their fullest advantage and both people and pets benefit.

Shannon met her husband when she was out with a client. Her client said, “There is the man you are going to marry”. She married Michael 2 years to the date the night they met, and they have two beautiful children. Shannon lives her life and runs her business by always trying to do the right thing, treating clients and pet sitters how she would like to be treated and always listening to her inner voice. She prides herself on customer service.

Barking Up The Right Tree has received awards for 3 different years in Atlanta Magazine .

Shannon is still currently very involved with her businesses on a daily basis. Her priorities are her family and taking care of her clients and sitters.